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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Medicare provider forms

Instructions and Help about Medicare provider forms

Hi guys it's tony merit otto so i've been on a screencast kick all morning doing little tutorial videos and this one's for ben and the guys up doc i just going to show you real quick how to look up the Medicare fee schedule so when you're talking about salary negotiations wondering what reimbursement is like you know certainly medicare is not representative of all the payers but I'd say they're pretty much dead center to the high end at least in Ohio and Florida so let me get on my screen and I'll show you what I'm looking at and actually I'll show you how to get here I'm going to take it from scratch so if you come in and you do CMS physician fee schedule do a google search it'll take you to the CMS go page you get to the link and then this will take you right in here there's a physician fee schedule lookup and then we click on Medicare fee schedule lookup tool now right here in the middle search and so for most what you're looking for you're looking for pricing information just do single code just so we can find it quickly if you're going by state I tend to go by Mac provider just so you know what Mac is let me see if I can hook it up again Mac Medicare administrator menaced rative contractor so in other words I think it's Florida first coast maybe in Florida basically an intermediary that comes in and manages the providers for CMS so back in here sorry there's a little lag on my screen I'm going through a server so if I'm going to look up the allowed amount for therapeutic exercise I'll just go down here choose all modifiers state of Florida I hit submit and what it tells me gives me a description so therapeutic exercise now the reason why there's three here is because Florida is broken up into three sections three regions so you know you're non-facility price facility price if you're participating providers the facility price this your limiting chart if I remember correctly is a non-participating provider who is registered can charge higher than the allowed amount but anyway if you're participating provider with Medicare you're going to get reimbursed a percentage of the facility price and so you know just so we can compare so let's say in this first one we're looking at 33 90 Medicare will pay 80% of that on the and there's a little more to it in terms of number of units and there's a value because they reduce the reimbursement on subsequent units subsequent CPT codes so let's say I change this to manual let's say you're more of a manual therapist you do more manual we're still in Florida you know so it comes down to 30 109 the last one was 33 something so manual allowed amount is lower than the direct allowed amount.

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