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How long does it take to get a refund of wrongly withheld Social Security taxes and Medicare taxes from IRS after the filing of form 843?
I have seen it take up to 2 years to get a refund processed, but you can contact the IRS to check on the status.u00a0 I would not start at the taxpayer advocate office as they will not help you until you have tried the normal IRS channels first. Start with Contact Your Local IRS Office
I can see Federal, State, Social Security and Medicare taxes mentioned in my W-2 Form? I am completely new to taxes, how do I file my taxes?
Technically you don't file taxes.u00a0 Instead taxes are automatically witheld from your paycheck and once a year, you file an income tax return statement.u00a0 If it turns out that more money was witheld than you actually owe (the most common case), the government will send you a check for the difference.u00a0 If instead you owe more than the amount that was witheld, you will have to send a check for the difference along with your income tax return.u00a0 The address you need to send your completed and signed form is included with the instructions (it may also be on the form itself).Ernest Montague is incorrect about the 1040 NR form (the form he is referring to is the 1040 EZ).u00a0 Since you are not a citizen, you will need to file either the 1040 NR or the 1040 NR EZu00a0 (NR stands for Non-Resident).u00a0 The 1040 NR EZ is the simpler form.u00a0 If the instructions say you can use the 1040 NR EZ, then you should do so.u00a0 Otherwise, you will have to use the longer 1040 NR form.You can download these forms and their instructions from the IRS at Forms & Pubs Just enter the form number (1040 NR or 1040 NR EZ) in the search field.You can download the Massachusetts state form and instructions at 2022 Massachusetts Income Tax Forms and Schedulesu00a0 Again, download the non-resident form.Good Luck!
How can the United States get out of debt while sustaining Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid?
The idea that cutting back these programs is one answer is repugnant. SS, Mu2019caid and Mu2019dicare are not part of the budget deficit - only in hype.SS is paid by all taxpayers, most of whom will become users in their later lives. Those funds go into a trust fund. in 16 years expenditures will be over revenues. In 2036 either Congress will have dealt with the problem or benefits will be cut 25% in 2037. Everyone must kick congress in their butts hard so they deal with the issue sensibly.Medicare and Medicaid do need revenue adjustment and raising taxes is one way to look at it, but how and to whom does not have to follow the current model. E.g. address revenue from all incomes both earned and unearned. No low level capsPossible ways to cut other programs? Foreign aid, no. Thatu2019s less than 1% of the budget, Social and welfare programs? No. The poor in the US is creeping toward 1/3 of the population overall. Job growth currently is mostly in the lowest paid sectors. No betterment in the short-term is seen by most outside of the administration.What is left? The Military. Our military isnu2019t starving at 53u201357% of the US budget. its 610+Billion and the next nine countries barely make up $616B. We have the strongest military in the world, but weu2019re at odds with too many nations and growing, alsoand are fighting wars which new should end. Arming the world is only good for the predatory arms manufacturers, not the economy as a whole. A lot of cutting and tweaking (not tweeting) is needed to both reduce specific targeted costs instead of the usual equal cut all equally and move to get defense contractors off the federal dole just like after WWII. The MIC must not remain in charge of the US. More war and less diplomacy does nothing for our security as a nation or for our children.Where do we go from here? Addressing US needs and goals in reality. It is we the people that should call the shots.
Is there a form I can print off my computer to send to Social Security and Medicare?
There are many forms on both the official U.S. government site for Medicare and The United States Social Security Administration that can be printed off or can be filled in online and sent to the respective agency.
Should individuals be able to opt out of Medicare Part A without losing social security benefits?
I assume you mean Medicare u2022 not Medicaid. And no u2022 it would be stupid to opt out. First, it doesn't cost you anything to be covered, and you wouldn't save anything by opting out. But more importantly, if you are retired (and in some other situations) Medicare is your primary coverage by law u2022 whether you have it or not u2022 and other coverage will only cover what Medicare doesn't. Again, whether or not you actually have Medicare coverage. If you can find an insurance company that will pay you even though it has no legal obligation to do so, you'd probably pay through the nose.But the good news is that, if you were to somehow waive Part A, it would have no effect on your eligibility for retirement benefits.
Is social security benefit/medicare only for people working govt/private, how self employed contribute to social security/medicare?
*IF* you are self employed and/or listed as an Independent Contractor and recieve a 1099 Misc, 1099K, etc. Then you are required to file whatu2019s called a u2018Schedule Cu2022 along with your 1040. A Schedule C, is for self employed. It also includes an additional form, Schedule SE which covers your u2018Self Employed Taxesu2019. That means you pay the *full* Medicare and Social Security Taxes, rather then 50% as a W-2 employee.
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